News & Notes

A message from President David Black:

Interwoven elements of campus life are important if student formation is to be coherent here. Because of a siloed organizational structure, those elements have not operated as the synergy that would serve students best. An interdepartmental task force, including students, was commissioned by this office to recommend changes in our structure that would result in a "tapestry of community life." Based on their recommendations, we will consolidate what are now four separate departments: student development, athletics, residence life and safety/security. The four departments will comprise the Division of Campus Life and will be led by David Simon, who will serve as vice president for campus life.

David understands deeply that the Lakeland community is a place where more students pursue college as a new opportunity rather than as a legacy privilege. As such, the challenges they encounter sometimes exact a greater toll on their persistence. It is David's own student experiences at Lakeland combined with years of mentoring students here and leading one of the departments in the "tapestry" that lead me to commend him for this important role. Please join me in congratulating him, and offering our assistance to him.