News & Notes

When Lakeland's main campus or any center needs to be closed (for weather or any other reason), the primary way we will notify employees and students is via text message and email.

Employees that did not receive a text message and/or email to your Lakeland email last week or this week about our weather-related closures should contact Amber D'Angelo in the Human Resources department at so we can add you. Students that did not receive a text or email should email so we can add you.

We will also post weather-related closings on Lakeland Today, and, for those who use social media, the primary Lakeland Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

We do not post our weather-related closings with television/radio stations. Why not? When we close, we need to push that information out quickly, and each station has its own system of notification, making the process very time consuming. We have found that our own system of notifying employees and students directly is a much better system.