News & Notes

Every Thursday in February, the Employee Engagement Council will be sharing "Fun Fact February" for employees. This is an effort to remind/inform employees about various benefits of being a Lakeland employee.

Here are today's Fun Facts:

  • Benefits from Lakeland’s Business Office, located on the first floor of WAK, are the following:
    • Cash a check made out to Lakeland University up to $100
    • Free notary service
    • Mail your pre-paid letter or package.
    • Purchase postage
    • Picture taken for employee ID card
    • Add discounted meals on employee ID card
  • All staff and faculty can receive a discount on select airport parking through Fast Park & Relax. Simply click on the URL link to enroll and receive your mobile card. When you’re ready to park, login with your IPhone or Android smart phone and your QR code is displayed.

    Benefits and features are:

    • All staff and faculty can receive a daily discounted rate
    • FREE membership enrollment, no cost or obligations, business or leisure to sign up
    • Card use earns you FREE parking, FREE reservations for future use
    • Free bottled water, free newspaper, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week,
    • Convenient location, secured facility, online access for receipts
    • Assistance with dead batteries, lock outs, flat tires, at no charge. Outdoor rated ground fault circuit interrupter devices
    • Pick up/drop off behind your vehicle, no walking, no waiting, no worries!
    • Please contact HR for any questions.
    • Sales Representative Barbara Sundquist is available for questions or concerns. or 414-803-8106