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The Big Fish Award recognizes and honors outstanding contributions by an employee who demonstrates extra efforts that have a positive effect on fellow employees and students, and on the mission and values of Lakeland University. This year's honoree will be announced at the service recognition gathering on May 23. Recipients will receive a table top plaque and a $75 gift certificate to their choice of restaurant. Previous recipients include David Gallianetti, David Simon, Beth Boardman, Brian Frink, Gina Covelli, Chris Werner, Pete Barth, Sue Quinn, Mark Wagner and Sue Ann Kohlmann.

Who is eligible to be nominated?

  • Any full-time faculty or staff member that has at least one year of service to Lakeland University. Students are not eligible.
  • Any employee who is not currently serving on the Selection Committee (the committee includes Sue Ann Kohlmann, David Gallianetti, Pete Barth, Beth Boardman, Brian Frink, David Simon, Sue Quinn and Mark Wagner).
  • The employee should stand out from others by going above and beyond his/her regular responsibilities.
  • The employee has demonstrated the following qualities:
    • Lives by the mission and values of the university;
      • Mission: Lakeland University educates women and men of diverse backgrounds, preparing them to think critically, to communicate effectively, to succeed professionally, and to lead ethical, purposeful and fulfilling lives. Rooted in the values of the United Church of Christ, Lakeland integrates the liberal arts and experiential learning to develop the whole person for success in a dynamic, multi-faceted world.
      • Values:
        • Inquiry and academic excellence
        • Integrity and responsibility
        • Faith and religious expression
        • Diversity and respect
        • Service and stewardship
      • Provides extra service to students and fellow employees;
      • Participates in the life of the university and Lakeland activities.
    • The employee should demonstrate the primary concepts of LEAP which include respect, positivity, communication and providing exemplary service to all stakeholders.

Guidelines for Submitting a Nomination:

  • Nominations for the award may be made by any employee at Lakeland University.
  • Students are not eligible to nominate an employee.
  • Nominations are to be submitted on the attached "Big Fish 2019 Nomination Form" and emailed to , by Friday, May 3.
  • Nominations will also be accepted if you drop off a paper nomination form to the Human Resources staff: Amber D'Angelo, Zac Vredeveld or Katrina Krupski by Friday, May 3. Stop in HR in the lower level of WAK to do so.
  • You can also find the Big Fish nomination form in the following file path: