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Lakeland students who are interested in studying abroad for three months or longer are encouraged to apply for the Cal Schaub Study Abroad Scholarship. The scholarship is open to all current Lakeland students of any nationality and any major.

This scholarship award can be used toward study abroad experiences when studying at Lakeland University Japan, Lakeland international partner schools or any other international school. The award can be used for travel, living expenses, tuition or any expenses related to the study abroad experience.

To apply for this scholarship, please submit a 500-word essay to Julia Rodemeier, associate provost for academic affairs, at . Your essay should discuss how you plan to use your proposed study abroad experience to realize your life and career goals. The scholarship recipient is selected based on need and your essay. Prior to the application deadline, applicants must also have completed their FAFSA application and all supplemental forms through the Office of Financial Aid for the following academic year.

Applications are due July 30, 2019, and scholarship winners will be announced at the beginning of August. Awards from this scholarship must be used toward study abroad during the 2019-20 academic year.