News & Notes

As part of our refocused brand strategy and to improve internal communication, we are introducing a new online platform called Workplace for Lakeland faculty and staff.

Workplace will complement Lakeland Today as another method of communication for Lakeland employees. It is not mandatory, but for many it will be a more accessible way to see what's going on from your phone. It's also a way to share what you're working on, a way to get to know colleagues outside the workplace, put a face to a name, connect with colleagues about attending campus events and more. It will also help us as an organization to better learn the new brand.

Workplace has the same ease of use as Facebook, but for those of you on Facebook, your personal Facebook profile does not connect to your Workplace profile. Therefore, there is no need to worry about crossing your personal communication with your professional communication.

Workplace will be a platform only for current Lakeland employees. Your contact information will be secure within our Lakeland University Workplace page, and if you are to leave the university, we can easily remove you from the page.

You will be getting an email invitation to join Lakeland's Workplace community, so please watch for that. To create your Workplace profile, simply click the link in the email being sent to your Lakeland email from "Lakeland University via Workplace." You will then be prompted to add basic information like your name and work contact information.

If you do not see the email come to your inbox on Friday (Aug. 9), you may need to check your junk folder.

You can access Workplace via your desktop or by downloading the free Workplace app from the App Store or Google Play.

We welcome questions! Please send them to David Gallianetti at .