News & Notes

Join us Friday, Oct. 4, from 8:30-9 a.m. for a special Blessing of the Animals service. We will gather in front of Old Main by the water fountain. This short service will include a hymn, prayers, blessings and a few readings about the value of animals.

Please bring your well-behaved household pet. While we cherish all pets, we respectfully request that farm animals and exotic pets are honored in our hearts that day. If you cannot bring your pet, we welcome a photograph, leash, collar or stuffed animal-equivalent for this service.

While we will be joyfully embracing the fun and noisy chaos of the service, we do ask that animals remain under the control of their owners at all times, whether by leash, crate, cage or in your arms. Participants acknowledge that occasionally our beloved pets nip or scratch, and participating in this event is the liability of each individual employee.

Pets are permitted to stay on campus throughout the work day on Oct. 4 only. Please ensure that you provide water bowls and food. Kindly be cognizant of any colleagues or students who may be sensitive to your pet. Please honor your custodial colleagues and make every effort to avoid indoor messes; pet owners are responsible for cleaning up any messes indoors and outdoors.

Finally, we encourage you to bring offerings to a local animal shelter such as old blankets, towels, bedding, toys, pet food or cash. Items will be collected at the service or can be delivered to Human Resources from Sept. 30-Oct. 4.

Please see Human Resources with any questions.