Features & Perspectives

I am thankful for and to Lakeland for the opportunity to practice a lifelong craft here, and for the privilege of practicing it with you. Your faithfulness to the university and her people would be just as important if LU were declining, but she is not! Note our comparative standing on the two charts below. And, importantly, we know what distinguishes us from other learning communities and are improving continuously how we tell that story. Cooperative Education certainly is part of it, but students decide ultimately to study here only after they have talked with you and watched you practice your craft.

Together, 18 months ago we committed to an expanded vision of Lakeland. The idea driving that expanded view was that without changing who Lakeland is at her center, we could broaden her tent a concentric circle or two so that students could co-enroll on the campus and in a community of practice. We stretched students’ “year” from nine months to 12 so that they could participate in campus life while also earning experiential learning credits and tuition dollars.

We are considering a similar expansion in the idea that is Kellett. For example, Fox Valley Technical College has agreed to partner with LU in several new initiatives that would increase Lakeland’s enrollment of adult learners by sharing space with FVTC and expanding hours into the daytime. Milwaukee Area Technical College is interested in a similar initiative, as well.

Twenty months ago, Lakeland reached a low point in enrollment and was looking for a turnaround opportunity. My intent in coming back was (1) to contribute to that search, (2) act decisively on ideas that emerged and (3) help raise funds and registrations. Thank you for trusting me in that role and for tolerating my introverted fantasy that you know what’s going on without having to hear it from me.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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