Features & Perspectives

Two times each year, I enter a clinic for what is by now routine treatment for a 20-year-old lung issue. This is one of those times, so forgive my absence at Lakeland's Christmas party on the 14th. I will be with you in spirit.

We are at the midpoint in the university's academic year, a year that began with both a lot of good news and some that was concerning. The Younger Center was open again and the entering traditional class was significantly larger than in recent years. However, retention of previous year's students was lower than expected, as were registrations in Kellett. The second semester will begin with both good and concerning news. Kellett registrations are ticking up, but retention among traditional students is not.

Recent partnerships of note have been formed with the Sheboygan Area School District and Lakeshore Technical College for students in computer and information studies, and with Fox Valley Technical College to pilot a Kellett program on its campus that includes baccalaureate studies during the day. Cindy Lindstrom, Brian Fink and Rich Haen represented LU in the first partnership, while Jane Bouche negotiated the second.

A team including Patty Taylor, Mehraban Khodavandi, John Knapp, Kendra Stigler and trustee Jeff Spence is far along in crafting significant partnerships with the Milwaukee Public Schools (for baccalaureate studies for selected para-professionals) and Milwaukee Area Technical College (for baccalaureate completion for their Promise students), respectively. All of the partnerships mentioned above, plus the previously announced Center for Advanced Disciplinary Studies and Women's Leadership Institute, are part of the overlapping two-year colleges and early college high school strategies that will find Lakeland on five Wisconsin Technical College campuses rather than in nearby Kellett sites. Each of those colleges is interested in Lakeland's cooperative education model.

None of the projects above would be possible were it not for the thoughtful work of the Summer Summit in which 15 colleagues volunteered their time in a Joshua Kutney-led project to clarify LU's articulation principles and courses with technical colleges. The dedicated wisdom of Lakeland's people is inspiring.

We have asked Jane Bouche to lead LU's WTC initiatives as vice president for organizational development. Kellett will be led by three regional directors, Lisa Stephan, Pang Kou Khang and Amy Pearce, who will report to the President's Office. Scott Norder is joining the co-op team as director of corporate relations in the Fox Cities and Green Bay region. He will represent co-op and Kellett among those corporations. Kim Dunisch has agreed to serve as director of career development for the Kellett system.