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Lakeland’s newly formed Wellness Champions team will mingle with Lakeland students and WellnessChampsstaff on Thursday evening during a special “Feast, Friends and Fellowship” steak-and-seafood dinner in Bossard.

The Wellness Champions, comprised of seven Lakeland College employees, are dedicated to the wellness of the entire Lakeland community in the areas of mind, body and spirit. Team members will be at the dinner starting at 4:30 p.m., and will hand out flyers promoting their first event, in March, titled “Relaxation Vacation.”

Making up the Wellness Champions team are: Shikara Beaudoin, manager of human resources; Eric Blacknall, associate vice president for student success and dean of students; Sherry Carstens, director of the health center; Whitney Diedrich, student success and engagement coach; Cary Knier, director of counseling services; Corey Roberson, student success and engagement coach; and Mark Wagner, director of dining services. Blacknall and Knier are co-chairs.

The Lakeland Wellness Champions’ four primary goals are:

·        To understand and support the vision of wellness at Lakeland College

·        To improve awareness of wellness programs

·        To educate others about wellness resources

·        To participate in wellness initiatives

The team will connect with others to create a Wellness Champions Network. The Wellness Champions Network will create an understanding and acceptance of the dimensions of wellness, with a constant focus on mind, body and spirit.