Features & Perspectives



Name: William Ebben

My job here at Lakeland is: Associate professor of exercise science

I’ve been here for nearly two years.

The No. 1 thing on my bucket list is: I have done all the bigger things I set out to do in life. So now, I focus on trying to be present-centered and make the most of the blessings found in each moment.

I love working at Lakeland because Lakeland College has the nicest people I have met in any job in higher education. I also really enjoy the rural campus.  

Years from now, my favorite Lakeland memory will be grinding it with the students in the classroom. I will recall the many times I got goose bumps from the impressive things they said or did.

My best advice to students is: Being average does not get most people very far. Work hard now so that you can enjoy a lifetime of competence and pride, vocational joy and financial security.