Features & Perspectives
Lakeland University’s Japan campus offered students a free Thanksgiving brunch, serving between 170 and 200 students turkey and side dishes between classes on Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving is not a holiday in Japan, but that didn’t stop LU from celebrating throughout the day.

“This is the third year LUJ has offered these Thanksgiving meals,” said Alan Bender, Lakeland University Japan’s associate dean. “They are popular not only with the American students, but also with the Japanese and other international students who experience this American tradition for the first time.”

Artur Caracol, an LUJ student from Portugal, said, “the turkey was very good.”

Nicklaus Black, an American student studying in at LUJ, added, “I felt I was back home in the U.S., having Thanksgiving dinner with close friends.”

Neo Kawaguchi, a Japanese student, said, “I believe it was really great to get together and celebrate Thanksgiving. My friends and I enjoyed the food and got a sense of Thanksgiving.”

And Theresa Uenten, an American student from California, thought the day was special.

“The best part of LUJ, I believe, is the unique, tightknit culture among all the students and teachers,” she said. “It is hard to put into words, but you can see it in various parts of college life, whether it is a friendly ping pong match, turkey served on Thanksgiving or international food day.”