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Lakeland’s 1862 Lounge has become the nation’s first college or university facility to acquire and launch the new “Flok” app for students, said Siera Ramirez, 1862 manager.

This easy-to-use app will connect LU students to the 1862 Lounge and provide Ramirez and her staff with a convenient way to push out information about lounge specials and events.

Students who download and use the app to check-in when they enter the 1862 will be eligible for prizes and food and drink specials. To join, text “join” to 62687, then search 1862 Lounge.

Among the perks for Flok users:

  • A digital pizza “punch card” that awards students who check in with Flok a free pizza after the purchase of nine.
  • Loyalty levels (silver, gold and platinum) based on visits and check-ins. Silver club members get to choose from a prize bucket or receive a free pizza, gold members get double punches for pizzas purchased on Thursdays and platinum members get two extra hours of “double bubble” specials.
  • A free drink and discounts on Flok users’ birthdays.
  • Every fifth person who checks in with Flok gets a prize.
  • Flok users who check in via Facebook get half off a pretzel or nachos.
  • The first time a student checks in with Flok, he or she gets a free drink, pretzel or nachos.

Notifications for special events, like a visiting comedian or karaoke, will be pushed out to Flok users via text message, Ramirez said.

“I wanted a better way to consistently thank and inform our existing, loyal customers, while also attracting new customers,” she added.

Another new initiative starting this semester is pizza delivery anywhere on campus on Mondays. Pizzas must be purchased in advance in five-packs ($50) and 12-packs ($100). They can be purchased at the 1862 Lounge or the Daily Grind. Call 920-565-1030 (extension 1056) for more information about ordering pizzas for delivery.

For more information about Flok, contact Ramirez at .