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profThe Lakeland University Board of Trustees voted on Aug. 30 to establish the J. Garland Schilcutt School of Business and Entrepreneurship at Lakeland University.

Prof’s name will forever adorn the school that he built, led and nurtured over the last 60 years. It was a fitting display of board protocol.

Students in the Schilcutt School will be challenged to demonstrate the habits of mind and character that this community has long observed in Prof Schilcutt: knowledge of his discipline, his craft and the larger context in which they operate; an urbane awareness of the world combined with a deep sense of place in this his home; an ethic that includes the golden rule in all matters; a subordination of self-interest to the common good and to the best interest of his students and Lakeland; and the dignity of his hard work.

All of us join in celebration of the Board’s action. It was an especially fitting act during the Labor Day season because of the way Prof has labored here. I think he would correct me and say “co-labored,” acknowledging the remarkable work ethic that is demonstrated every day here by so many.

So, we who labor here with you, Prof, rise to congratulate you on this signal honor, realizing how deeply you have honored us and Lakeland by your work and life among us.